Building Community Education and Awareness


Did you know that storm drains lead directly into the bay?


Water quality issues can be common during heavy rainfall events due to increased storm drain runoff resulting in high nutrient levels in the bay. But there are several ways in which we can help reduce the amount of debris and chemicals that flow into Tampa Bay.


How can you help reduce storm drain debris?


- Maintain your yard responsibly

- Keep litter and debris away from storm drains

- Clean up after your dog

- Help educate your friends, family, and neighbors

How It Works

The Storm Drain Marking Program is a program driven by community members. We ask for you to come to us with your recommended sites or target neighborhoods, and we'll get the necessary neighborhood association approvals, as well as provide placards and related supplies to mark the storm drains.


Click here for storm drain education from our partners at City of Tampa.

Involve Your Group!

Would your neighborhood benefit from storm drain markers?


Organize a group to participate in a storm drain marking event! Great for scout groups or neighborhood organizations. You provide the location, we'll provide the supplies!

We supply participating groups and neighborhoods with their own weatherproof placards.

Improper fertilizer use is responsible for much of the excess nutrients entering the bay. To find out more about how to maintain a Florida-friendly yard, visit

Contact Melanie Grillone to involve your group, or with questions about the Storm Drain Marking program.


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