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Coastal Resilience Campaign
Protecting Tampa Bay's pelicans...and more!
If you’ve spent any time in the heat lately, you may be thinking summer is for the birds; at Tampa Bay Watch, we agree! Thank you for your consideration of support during our resilience campaign. We are grateful for your partnership!

The coastal environment and art have a natural connection. The best depiction of the seashore besides being there in person is a photograph or an artist’s rendering. The pelican is recognized everywhere as a coastal resident. We used our favorite bird as a symbol to highlight the mission of Tampa Bay Watch.

—Bill Castleman


It’s been a delight to work with the folks at Tampa Bay Watch to help them achieve their mission through various programs that help restore and maintain a vibrant and healthy watershed environment. The pelican illustration based on Bill Castleman’s concept was for me an evolution from drawing birds as a 6-year-old as I was recovering  from polio in the early 1950s. I’m happy to have been included in this project and hope my contribution to it aids in that mission.

—George Chase

calling all neighbors for the health of tampa bay

Thank you for your consideration of support!

Each year, residents and visitors flock to the waterways to enjoy the bounty and beauty of the Tampa Bay lifestyle. This influx of visitors to our natural spaces comes at a cost. You, as a valued supporter and partner, are the driving force behind efforts to make Tampa Bay a healthy, thriving estuary. All of us, working together, have a role in the resilience of our vital watershed.

With your help, Tampa Bay Watch is committed to addressing the tangled threat that is monofilament fishing line pollution. Plastic pollution comes in many forms: monofilaments, single use plastics, marine debris, and microplastic all impact the quality of the Tampa Bay watershed. 

All of us at Tampa Bay Watch applaud you for being a part of the solution! I am reaching out to you today asking you to join us in the microplastic movement as a TBW member.

Your membership participation has immediate impact:

  • Facilitating the management of 214 monofilament tubes in the bay area
  • Allowing organized volunteers to collect, clean, and recycle discarded fishing line and other marine debris
  • Funding coastal cleanup and marine debris removal efforts year-round


As a token of our appreciation, a limited-edition signed and numbered 8½” X 11” print of this iconic pelican is our gift to you when you join the mission to protect and restore our greatest local assets. 

Working together, we have the greatest impact on the health of Tampa Bay!

With gratitude, 

Peter A. Clark, President and Founder

PS: Your support is needed, appreciated, and important!

Email Molly Robison with questions about this special campaign: