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Tampa Bay Watch is dedicated to fostering a healthy Tampa Bay watershed through community-driven restoration projects, education programs, and outreach initiatives.



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It takes a community to make lasting change and protect the future of Tampa Bay’s ecosystem.


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Marine Debris

Protecting marine health

Human-generated trash, known as marine debris, inevitably finds its way into our waterways. During heavy rains, pollutants, including this debris, are swept from our neighborhoods through storm drains, ending up in rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans. Among these, plastic is the most prevalent. Despite its crucial role in modern life, plastic poses a significant environmental challenge as it breaks down into smaller, toxin-leaching pieces that persist indefinitely. This marine debris not only compromises water quality and threatens wildlife but also impacts human health and our tourism economy. It’s a pervasive issue that we encounter all too often, and it requires collective action to address.


Impact of marine debris

A plastic bag's journey


Plastic item created & used

plastic bag

Blows from a trash can and into a storm drain

plastic bag step 2

Travels through pipes and downriver

Storm Drain Outflow, stormwater, water drainage, waste water or effluent

Into the ocean


Where marine life mistakes it for food

Underwater global problem with plastic rubbish

Our approach

Join Tampa Bay Watch in our relentless fight against marine debris, a pressing environmental challenge endangering our waters. Through our varied programs, we’re actively safeguarding marine habitats. Each program offers a unique opportunity for community involvement in preserving the health and beauty of our marine ecosystems.

Coastal Cleanups

Join Tampa Bay Watch in addressing one of the planet’s most pressing challenges: marine debris. With three major community cleanups annually and additional targeted efforts, we’re tackling this threat head-on to protect our health, economy, water quality, and wildlife in the Tampa Bay region.

Fishing Line Recycling

Join us in safeguarding our fishing heritage and marine wildlife. We offer diverse engagement opportunities, from using ‘monotubes’ for recycling fishing line to participating in our clean-a-thons, all aimed at protecting our waterways and the abundant bird life of Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast.

Derelict Crab Trap Removal

Help tackle the challenge of marine debris in Tampa Bay with our Derelict Crab Trap Removal program. While preventing blue crab traps from becoming derelict is challenging, our semi-annual cleanups play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy marine environment. If you encounter a derelict trap, report its location to us, and join our efforts in making our waters safer and cleaner for all.

Email Sara Brehm with questions about this program: [email protected]